Resources 14-Nov-2018
Large Multilayer Radomes

Electrically large multilayer radomes represent important part of the realistic antenna structures. Thus, models of multilayer radomes are simulated by using full 3D electromagnetic software – the WIPL-D software which successfully exploits CPU multi-threading capabilities. In this application note we…

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Resources 24-Oct-2018
Laptop with Inverted F Antenna

The example presented in this application note elaborates how WIPL-D Pro CAD is used for EM simulation of antenna placement of inverted F antenna operating at 2.4 GHz mounted on a laptop. The steps required in the preparation of an…

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Resources 10-Sep-2018
Influence of Shroud, Absorber and Radome to Splash-plate Reflector

Owing to the efficient implementation of method-of-moments, WIPL-D Pro EM software is able to solve electrically large reflector antennas (here, splash plate reflector antenna with shroud, absorber and radome) in dramatically small computational time at regular desktops or laptops. This…

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Resources 21-Aug-2018
Matching Network Design for Power Amplifiers

The adequate modeling of matching networks is crucial for the success of power amplifier design. Due to a set of simulation tools included, WIPL-D Microwave provides a complete environment for accurate and efficient modeling and design of power amplifiers. Example of a commercially…

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Resources 20-Aug-2018
T-72 RCS on Amazon Cloud Server

WIPL-D Pro CAD enables import of extremely complex geometries from all commonly used CAD, validation of models, and easy simplification of details obsolete for EM simulation itself. After a proper quad mesh optimized for EM simulations is created, WIPL-D Pro…

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Resources 25-Jul-2018
Anti-Collision Radar on Car Bumper

Anti-collision system (or collision avoidance system) is a safety system found in cars which detects danger and reduces possibility or severity of collision. In this application note, we consider anti-collision system which uses radar at 77 GHz mounted on a…

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