WIPL-D Suite

A minimal WIPL-D EM simulation software configuration contains WIPL-D Pro or WIPL-D Pro CAD as the cornerstone products. Additional Products or Add-On Tools from the WIPL-D software suite can be selected to customize the particular installation for the functionality required. The simulation power of any installation increases with the number of unknowns.

Number of Unknowns

WIPL-D Pro price breakdown is set with respect to the number of unknowns purchased. The default configurations are:

  • Basic (3,000 unknowns)
  • Standard (16,000 unknowns)
  • Premium (100,000 unknowns)
  • Supreme (500,000 unknowns)
  • Ultra (2,000,000 unknowns)

Any default configurations can be simply altered and a particular installation can be customized to support an arbitrary number of unknowns between 3,000 and 2,000,000.

Software price scaling with a number of unknowns is highly beneficial for users with moderate simulation requirements. As the efficiency of EM simulations when using WIPL-D is Order of Magnitude Ahead, the scaling emphasizes WIPL-D affordability compared to the software where the price is high and fixed regardless of the complexity of the problems in hand. Contact our Sales team for the best offer.

Technical Requirements

The software runs on Intel x86-64 processor or compatible processors. A minimum of 8 GB RAM and up to 4 GB free hard disk space is required, the latter depending on add-on tools installed. Operating systems supported include Windows 7, 8.x, 10 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016. Linux version of EM kernel only is available, while program GUI is not supported on Linux.

The standard license comes with the support for 4 threads, while the support for the additional threads is available for the appropriate fee. The price breakdown with respect to the number of threads is set to 16 threads. For more info, please contact our Sales.


WIPL-D software uses the hardware protection in a form of a USB hard key (dongle). The following types of licenses are supported:

  • Node-locked, single-user license
  • Floating, multiuser network license