In order to test if WIPL-D software can meet your needs, there are two ways to do it. One is to download our demo version and check the software on your own, while the other is to request a benchmark from our technical support team.

When it comes to demo version, there are two types of demos available on our web-site:

  • WIPL-D Pro CAD 2018 Demo – time-limited demo of our newest professional software release (intended for testing of capabilities of our current release).
  • WIPL-D Microwave Lite DEMO – permanent demo of our old 2005 release (intended mostly for students).

Please note that the DEMO version has to be installed on a physical (non-virtual) machine, otherwise it won’t work.

After you download and install the Demo, we offer a free e-mail-based training called Intro Course, consisted of 3 simple tasks. This online training course is available in the Online Training section. Also, there is a second course called Evaluation Short Course consisted of 6 additional tasks to be done after the Intro course.


This demo contains our two main products: WIPL-D Pro CAD 2018 and WIPL-D Pro v15. It is time-limited and can be used for 30-days after the installation.

The installation includes WIPL-D’s newest software demonstration, with full functionality in terms of interface and simulation settings, but with limitations in number of unknowns (333). This basically means that you can make the project completely, and simulate it if it’s simple enough to fit in the allowed number of unknowns. In case that required number of unknowns exceeds the limitations of demo version, you can contact our technical support and they will do the simulation for you.

To get more information on the products included in this installation (their full versions), see more on the product pages WIPL-D Pro and WIPL-D Pro CAD.


WIPL-D Microwave Lite DEMO

The main purpose of this demo is just to illustrate the functionality of WIPL-D Microwave, the circuit solver, and the 3D EM solver, given that it is an old version of the code (6.0), dating back to 2005.

This demo comprises a full set of example projects from WIPL-D Microwave Lite. Some of these projects can be simulated, others have pre-calculated results but cannot be re-run, because of the limitations of the demo.

The microwave circuit solver in this demo is limited in terms of number of components that can be included into the circuit and the number of nodes in the circuit.

This demo is not time-limited, so after download and installation it can be used for free, permanently.

You need to register and log in first to download the demo version.