WIPL-D d.o.o. is a privately-owned company dedicated to the development of commercial EM simulation software and consulting in the wide field of electromagnetism. The company was established in 2002 with the head office located in Belgrade, Serbia. For more info about the company please check the following document.

Belgrade, Serbia

Our flagship products are WIPL-D Pro (numerical engine, 3D EM solver) and WIPL-D Pro CAD (solid modeler and importer). Full portfolio of WIPL-D software tools can be seen here.


1980 – Prof. Branko Kolundzija and Prof. Antonije Djordjevic solved a square scatterer (λ × λ) problem on a IBM 1130 machine with only 16 KB of RAM, thanks to higher order basis functions which were used on a plate structure for the first time.

1989 – Prof. Kolundzija completed the academic version of WIPL software as a part of his PhD thesis. The code introduced modeling with bilinear surfaces and hierarchical basis functions.

1995 – The first lite version (WIPL) of our software was sold via Artech House.

1996 – The first professional version was sold.


We are especially proud of our expert technical support provided via e-mail within 24 hours. We can say that our support team is the heart of the company and the engine that constantly moves it forward.

Here are a few words on people who make the WIPL-D team:

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Branko Kolundzija

President, Chief Software Architect


  • BSc. 1981 / MSc. 1987 / PhD. 1990
  • IEEE Fellow
  • Full-time professor at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
  • Author of several books and many scientific papers and articles in his main areas of interest: computational electromagnetics, antennas, microwaves, and EMC
  • Contact: branko.kolundzija@wipl-d.com
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Jovan Ognjanovic

CEO, Chief GUI Architect


  • BSc. 1981 / MSc. 1987
  • Coauthor of many scientific papers
  • Longtime researcher at the Computer Systems Laboratory, Institute Vinca
  • Contact: jovan.ognjanovic@wipl-d.com
More Team Members
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Branko Mrdakovic

R&D Consultant
  • BSc. 2007 / MSc. 2009 / PhD. 2022
  • Contact: branko.mrdakovic@wipl-d.com
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Dragana Milojevic

Head of Bussiness
  • BSc. 1989 / MSc. 1992
  • Contact: dragana.milojevic@wipl-d.com
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Sladjana Vukajlovic

Head of Sales
  • BSc. 2009 / MSc. 2010
  • Contact: sladjana.vukajlovic@wipl-d.com
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Dragan Olcan

R&D, Technical Support
  • BSc. 2001 / MSc. 2004 / PhD. 2008
  • Contact: olcan@etf.rs
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Miodrag Tasic

R&D, Technical Support
  • BSc. 1998 / MSc. 2004 / PhD. 2012
  • Contact: tasic@etf.rs
TeamMember Image

Marija Bozic

Sales, Technical Support
  • BSc./ MSc. 2004
  • Contact: marija.bozic@wipl-d.com
TeamMember Image

Milan Kostic

R&D, Technical Support
  • BSc. 2004 / MSc. 2007 / PhD. 2015
  • Contact: milan.kostic@wipl-d.com
TeamMember Image

Milos Pavlovic

Applications, Technical Support
  • BSc./ MSc. 2007
  • Contact: pavlovic.milos@wipl-d.com
TeamMember Image

Tomislav Milosevic

Applications, Technical Support
  • BSc. 2008 / MSc. 2009
  • Contact: tomislav.milosevic@wipl-d.com
TeamMember Image

Mladjen Stevanetic

R&D, Technical Support
  • BSc. 2010 / MSc. 2012
  • Contact: mladjen.stevanetic@wipl-d.com
TeamMember Image

Veljko Napijalo

R&D, Technical Support
  • BSc. 1987 / MSc. 1994 / PhD. 2010
  • Contact: veljko.napijalo@wipl-d.com
TeamMember Image

Jasmin Music

R&D, Technical Support
  • BSc. 2013 / MSc. 2014
  • Contact: jasmin.music@wipl-d.com
TeamMember Image

Svetlana Gajic

Office Manager
  • BSc./ MSc. Econ. 1993
  • Contact: svetlana.gajic@wipl-d.com
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Branislav Ninkovic

R&D, Technical Support
  • BSc. 2017 / MSc. 2018
  • Contact: branislav.ninkovic@wipl-d.com