Resources 22-Oct-2020
Wideband Monopole Antenna Simulated with Rotational Symmetry Option

Two models of the wideband monopole antenna have been simulated using WIPL-D Pro Software. In particular, S-parameters and radiation pattern at 0.6 GHz of the monopole antenna were calculated and compared. Besides, some details regarding the monopole modelling and the…

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Software 18-Sep-2020
WIPL-D Pro CAD 2020 & WIPL-D Pro 17
are released!

We are pleased to announce the official launch of new versions of our flagship products: WIPL-D Pro CAD 2020 and WIPL‑D Pro 17. Recent releases bring enhanced user experience and numerous new features and upgrades. WIPL-D Pro CAD 2020: What…

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Resources 29-Jul-2020
Printed Monopole Antenna for 5G Network Frequency Bands

The analysis of an antenna which can operate in 5G network frequency bands using WIPL-D Software has presented in this application note. In particular, S-parameters and radiation pattern of a printed monopole antenna fed with coplanar waveguide have been calculated…

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Events 01-Jul-2020
SWAN Antenna Design Challenge 2020

WIPL-D company will support SWAN Antenna Design Challenge 2020 by providing all the interested participants with a professional license of WIPL-D software and the appropriate training materials. The Indian Sky Watch Array Network (SWAN) project, initiated at the Raman Research…

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Resources 13-May-2020
Windmills WIPL-D EM Simulations

The WIPL-D implementation of MoM is an ideal candidate for RCS simulations of electrically large structures. A number of features leads to this: unique quad mesh applying higher order basis functions, CAD tool providing the optimum mesh, efficient implementation at…

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Resources 05-May-2020
Corrugated Horn in WIPL-D Pro Software

In this application note we compared simulated radiation pattern results for circular horn antenna and corresponding corrugated horn antenna. Also, we shortly outlined basic modelling of corrugated horn antenna with radial corrugations using WIPL-D Pro built-in object Body of Connected…

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