Austin RCS Benchmark with WIPL-D Software: PEC Sphere, PEC Plate (No Thickness), PEC Plate (64 mil Thickness)


This document presents several RCS results derived from three structures: a PEC sphere, an infinitely thin PEC plate, and a PEC plate with 64 mil thickness. The structures are simulated at several frequencies. These structures are simulated as a verification of the quality of RCS results obtained using the WIPL-D Software suite by comparing the simulation results with the data from “Austin RCS Benchmark”.

The WIPL-D Software is a full wave 3D electromagnetic Method-of-Moments (MoM) based simulation tool, applying Surface Integral Equations (SIEs) and Higher Order Basis Functions (HOBFs) to ensure high computational efficiency. It is shown that the WIPL-D Software can be used to accurately simulate selected benchmark models in a reasonable time, using an affordable computer workstation.



For full version of the document, please check the following pdf.​