To help you quickly become familiar with WIPL-D products, we have prepared two online demo trainings: basic Intro Course and advanced Evaluation Short Course. It is recommended that one first does the tasks from Intro Course and then the Evaluation tasks.

Tasks from both courses can be done in our demo version. Due to limitation of demo version when it comes to the number of unknowns (333), only the examples from Intro course can be simulated in demo version. For the examples from Evaluation Short Course, our tech support team can simulate your models and send you back the projects with results. Also, evaluation version with more unknowns and/or add-on tools can be requested from our sales team.

Also, both courses come in two versions depending on the preferred method of modeling: one for WIPL-D Pro CAD (solid‑based modeler, built-in primitives and Boolean operation available along with numerous manipulations) and the other for WIPL-D Pro. You can choose one GUI depending on your previous experience with EM modeling tools.

Intro Course

In this training course you will find some relatively easy tasks that will help you get started with the software. All you need to do is to download our demo version, install it on your computer and follow these tasks. As mentioned above, there are two sets of tasks (for WIPL-D Pro CAD and WIPL-D Pro) that illustrate some typical EM structures (monopole antenna, dipole antenna, Yagi-Uda antenna, horn and patch antenna). You are encouraged to try both modelling interfaces, but you can also pick one and do these tasks. None of the tasks should take more than half an hour to complete.

After you are done with a task, you are welcome to send it to our tech support for verification of the results, or any related questions or doubts you have encountered during the training. Just pay attention to send ALL the necessary files, described in each training’s section on this page.

Evaluation Short Course

This advanced e-mail-based training course is consisted of 6 tasks intended for the user to check some of the advanced software options. There are again two sets of tasks: for WIPL-D Pro CAD and for WIPL-D Pro, so feel free to choose one or both modeling approaches depending on your preferences.

You need to register and log in first to download the demo version.