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WIPL-D offers cutting-edge software for fast and accurate electromagnetic and circuit modeling and simulation, including various application areas:

  • Antennas,
  • Microwaves,
  • Scattering,
  • EMC, …

WIPL-D Pro CAD 2018

WIPL-D Pro CAD 2018

New version released!

New versions of our flagship products,   WIPL-D Pro CAD and WIPL-D Pro, have been released! Check out our demo for new features and improvements.

WIPL-D Pro 15

WIPL-D Pro 15

New version released!

Our numerical engine is further accelerated by the new generation of GPU solver. Domain Decomposition Solver is significantly improved in order to support even larger EM problems.

Expert consulting!

Expert consulting!

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Full 3D EM simulation software

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WIPL-D Pro, the flagship product of the WIPL-D software suite, is an extremely powerful full-wave 3D electromagnetic solver providing fast and accurate simulations of arbitrary metallic and dielectric/magnetic structures. The numerical engine is based on the Method of Moments applied to surface integral equations employing higher-order basis functions and a quadrilateral mesh. This particular choice results in high numerical efficiency considerably moving higher the size of the solvable problem for the case of inexpensive CPU/GPU platforms, and extending the size limits where high performance workstations and clusters are available. The accuracy of the solver has been confirmed by numerous benchmarks comparing simulation results with exact analytical solutions or with measurements. Unbeatable simulation speed enables rigorous convergence studies of the results, allowing users with diverse levels of EM simulation experience to obtain reliable results.


WIPL-D Pro CAD is a solid modeler and simulator combining ultimate speed and accuracy of WIPL-D Pro simulation with versatile and user friendly 3D modeling interface. Fast and intuitive modelling is based upon built-in library of 2D and 3D primitives, Boolean operations, manipulations, waveguide ports, etc. In addition, import of 3D geometries from several CAD file formats is supported. A range of tools performing automatic healing of irregularities, removal of irrelevant details, etc. is available to prepare the imported structure for the simulations. Complex models like real-life aircraft, ships or cars can be imported and easily made simulation ready. Regardless whether the model has been created using built-in primitives, imported structure, or a combination of both, it is in any case meshed using unique, automated, simulation-optimized, all-quad mesher developed by WIPL-D. Finally, powerful WIPL-D Pro kernel with HOBFs and all other benefits is invoked to simulate the meshed model.

WIPL-D Software Suite - products overview

WIPL-D software suite consists of core products, WIPL-D Pro and WIPL-D Pro CAD, and several add-ons built around the core products to expand the range of application and capabilities.

GPU solver is developed for CUDA enabled Nvidia GPUs. The matrix fill-in, matrix solve and near-field calculations are all accelerated. Arbitrary number of GPUs is supported.


GPU Cluster Solver developed by WIPL-D uses Linux cluster(s) environment for parallelization of full-wave simulations. It combines GPU and MPI parallelization using advanced algorithms. The solver can be used for fast solving of multi-frequency problems of medium or relatively large size, and solving of electrically extremely large single-frequency problems.


The solver analyses electrically very large structures by subdividing the boundary problem into smaller sub-domain problems, solving the subdomain problems and combining the solutions. Full wave solutions of antenna placement, including the calculation of the coupling between several antennas, monostatic and bistatic RCS, radomes etc. can be obtained with high numerical efficiency.


3D EM analysis of electrically long structures with constant cross section can be replaced with 2D analysis of the cross section itself. The analysis can be performed by WIPL-D 2D Solver with a particular cross section exported from WIPL-D Pro or WIPL-D CAD, or modelled from scratch in WIPL-D 2D solver.


A powerful circuit simulator. Confirms its full potential in co-simulations of circuits and 3D-EM structures as WIPL-D Pro is seamlessly invoked for each EM analysis. Filter Designer and Array Designer modules can be optionally linked with MW Pro for automated, wizard-like microwave filter and antenna array synthesis.


Powerful multi-algorithm optimization tool which calculates both a single and multiple solutions for complex, multi-criteria optimization. Various built-in optimization algorithms are available.


The solver calculates time-domain response to predefined or user-defined excitation pulses by using frequency-domain analysis and Fourier transformation.


AW Modeler can be used for import of drawings in 2D DXF format and conversion to a simulation ready WIPL-D 3D EM projects.


CMA Solver performs Characteristic Mode Analysis of metallic structures. Advanced algorithms developed for mode calculation and tracking result in highly accurate, wideband CM characterization of the structures.

News & Events

Stay tuned for the latest activities of WIPL-D team. For faster navigation, all news are divided into 3 categories: software (new releases, patches, etc.), events (conferences, software training, customer stories, etc.) and resources (application notes, published papers, etc.).
The Radar Shadow

Abstract:  Here we consider a situation where a surveillance radar is illuminating a zone where two aircrafts are approaching. In such a situation, a radar shadow can be utilized to deceive the radar system as it perceives only one aircraft…

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GPU Accelerated MoM Matrix Inversion

Abstract:  The GPU Solver enables WIPL-D Pro to significantly decrease the simulation time, particularly for the dominant component – MoM Matrix inversion. This applies especially in the case of very complex and electrically large structures with dramatically large number of unknowns….

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A very successful seminar held in Daejeon, Korea in collaboration of MOASOFT and WIPL-D

As a company specialized in defense system development of RF, software safety, and reliability engineering, MOASOFT organized a seminar in Daejeon on 22th October 2018, mostly intended for defence industry. After introduction and EM analysis Case Study presented by MOASOFT…

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