COMCAS 2024, July 9-11, 2024, Tel Aviv, Israel

05-Jul-2024 Tel Aviv, Israel

WIPL-D Company takes again the opportunity to attend COMCAS 2024 as an exhibitor, this time virtually. The conference will take place in Tel Aviv, 9-11 July, with the venue being the David Intercontinental Hotel.

Visit our Booth #97 to chat via link with WIPL-D engineers from our headquarters or watch demonstrations showcasing WIPL-D’s 3D EM simulation capabilities.

For insights into recent enhancements and improvements to the WIPL-D software suite, please attend our two presentations on Wednesday, 10th July, in Room 5, which will be delivered by Professor Branko Kolundzija:

CT1: Wireless Apps 1
Wednesday, 10th July, 09:00-09:20, Room 5
3D EM Simulation Environment for the Development, Validation and Embedded Operation of Microwave Imaging Systems for Medical Applications, Prof. Branko Kolundzija, WIPL-D d.o.o.

CT2: Wireless Apps 2
Wednesday, 10th July, 11:50-12:10, Room 5
Introducing an Advanced “Scenario” Environment that Enables Smart Merging of Multiple 3D EM, Simulation Projects into one Coherent Superstructure, Prof. Branko Kolundzija, WIPL-D d.o.o.