MIKON 2024, July 1-4, 2024, Wroclaw, Poland

21-Jun-2024 Wroclaw, Poland

For the first time, WIPL-D will participate at 25th International Microwave and Radar Conference, which is one of two parallel conferences encompassed by 11th Microwave and Radar Week. The conference will be held in Wroclaw, Poland, between the 1st and the 4th of July 2024. The conference venue is Wroclaw University of Science and Technology main campus.

The MIKON 2024 conference covers more than 20 topics. Besides that, many various exhibitors will be present together with WIPL-D Company which will be available at booth #19.

WIPL-D will deliver workshops to introduce WIPL-D software capabilities and innovative features. The workshops participated by WIPL-D are:

CAD WKSH 1 – Part I – Theory
Monday, July-01, 2024
08:30-10:10, Introduction
Building C-13, Room: 0.31

CAD WKSH 4 – Part II – Examples
Tuesday, July-02, 2024
14:00-15:40, Discussion & Introduction to Part III
Building C-13, Room: 0.31

CAD WKSH 5 Part III – Hands-on/Live demo
Wednesday, July-03, 2024
08:30-10:10, WIPL-D Software
Building C-13, Room: 0.31

WIPL-D team is looking forward to seeing you in Wroclaw!