Resources 20-Jun-2019
RCS Convergence Study on Electrically Large Corner Reflector in WIPL-D Software

An electrically large corner reflector is well-known structure used in numerous applications where emulation of a large Radar Cross Section (RCS) is required from a reasonably sized object. In this application note we present the analysis of an electrically large corner…

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News & Events 12-Jun-2019
WIPL-D at IcETRAN 2019, 3-6 June, 2019

Members of WIPL-D Team attended International Conference IcETRAN 2019 which was organized near  Srebrno Jezero (Silver  Lake),  Serbia. The members contributed to the conference by presenting the paper “EM Modelling of Microstrip T-Junction with an Open Stub Printed over a…

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Resources 05-Jun-2019
Wireless Power Transfer-The Example of Inductive Power Transfer in Cell Phone Charging

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) basically involves a transmission of electrical energy from a power source to a load without usage of electrical conductors. In this application note we consider an example of a near field WPT, also known as Inductive…

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News & Events 27-May-2019
1st EMERALD General Workshop in Belgrade, Serbia 20-22 May 2019

3-day workshop “WIPL-D 3D EM full wave computational tool for modelling of medical microwave imaging scenarios” was held at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia, from 20th to 22nd May, 2019. The workshop for 13 early stage…

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News & Events 16-May-2019
WIPL-D at IMS 2019, Boston, MA, USA, 2-7 June, 2019

The world biggest microwave event IMS 2019, will take place in Boston, MA, USA, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from 2-7 June, 2019. WIPL-D will traditionally take part as an exhibitor, so be sure not to miss booth…

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Resources 24-Apr-2019
WIPL-D in EuCAP Benchmark

This application note presents the most significant part of the WIPL-D participation of the convened session of the European Association on Antennas and Propagation (EuRAAP) Working Group (WG) on Software. The results were continually presented in the European Conference on…

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