WIPL-D Pro CAD 2024 and WIPL-D Pro v20 are released!

07-Mar-2024 Belgrade, Serbia

We are proudly announcing the official launch of new version of WIPL-D Pro CAD 2024 and WIPL-D Pro v20!

Numerous features and improvements are listed below:

WIPL-D Pro CAD: What is New in v2024?full release note

  • Increased stability – Import of CAD projects, import from Library, import of WIPL-D Pro projects, import of geometry files, import of multilayer AutoCAD files, attributes propagation and handling on Booleans, splitting wires by bodies, copy layer, working with assemblies, validate model for irregularities, material i.e. domain assignment, sweep, crop, blending, project tree and subtree, microstrip ports with common ground, GUI features, frequency and sweep parallel runs on CPU/GPU…
  • WIPL-D scripting in Python:
    • Open and run WIPL-D suites
    • Access and modify symbols lists
    • Obtain simulation results
  • Expanded Domains in Project tree – All operations with body regions listed along with their materials i.e. domains are enabled from main Project tree
  • Repair tools – Remove redundant vertices
  • Sweep is enhanced and accelerated for complex paths, using multiple tolerance.
  • Wrap is enhanced – allows the use of general sheets and deleting wrapped objects’ surrounding faces
  • Crop is enhanced – smart crop with attribute transfer, keeping the structure parts in the crop plane
  • Recover body regions on geometry import
  • Drag and drop to assembly in Project tree
  • Other options/improvements:
    • WIPL-D Pro projects import improved
    • CAD projects import: transformation to currently set local coordinate system, accelerated import for projects with large number of symbols
    • Symbol list can take an alternative shape of an editable text box so that symbols can be modified double and long-double click
    • Set simulation frequencies by step size
    • Plate domain integrity check on Create Mesh/Run
    • Set as Unused option includes structures with excitations
    • Copy Layer is more robust for general bodies, automatic unification of faces’ normal where possible
    • Command ‘Save as’ available via command line


WIPL-D Pro: What is New in v20?full release note

  • WIPL-D scripting in Python:
    • Open and run WIPL-D suites
    • Access and modify symbols lists
    • Obtain simulation results
  • Voxel Editor includes:
    • Support for New voxel file formats
    • Refined decimation for models of complex shapes
  • New object BoCS enables:
    • Creation of objects by sweep of generatrix along composite 3D path
  • Medical Microwave Imaging (MMWI) Toolkit:
    • Design of Helmet antenna system for tumor and stroke detection/monitoring
  • Current Generators grant:
    • Rotations and translation of sources
    • Usage of current sources in combination with symmetry planes (PEC, PMC, Half-Space)
    • Max. number of current source elements exceeding 1 million
    • Creating current generator files from IWP project
  • Domain Decomposition Solver:
    • Quick evaluation of monostatic RCS
      (Example: For additional 360 directions CPU time equals that for bistatic RCS)
  • STL Editor provides:
    • Refined meshing of extreme shapes
      (Example: Elongated brunches of treetop)
    • 10 times faster decimation and meshing
  • Improvements in WIPL-D Graph Viewer:
    • Fast presentation of current distribution
    • Extended limits for presentation of structures in conjunction with 3D graphs
  • Preview:
    • Improvements in plate selection
    • Improvements regarding Hide/Alt+L features
    • Current Sources Threshold
    • Improvements in displaying Waves
  • Improved multiprocessing for lower order basis functions
  • Other Features/Improvements:
    • Improvements in IWP file import
    • Improvements in handling projects with extremely large number of plates
    • Working with Tables
    • RAM Memory Limit