IoT Scenario Within an Aircraft Apartment


The operating environment an Internet of Things (IoT) system is usually complex and includes the presence of some obstacles e. g. furniture for an indoor scenario. A typical example of such a scenario could be a modern traveling environment onboard a luxury aircraft which includes a passenger inside an aircraft apartment and several pieces of furniture. On the one side of an IoT link is a traveler with a cellphone, and on the other side is a warning sensor located in a locker compartment intended to warn the passenger if an object is forgotten inside a locker. The cellphone antenna is modeled as a printed dipole inside the phone housing, while the sensor hardware is simplified to an inverted-F antenna (IFA). The operating frequency of this IoT warning system is assumed to be approximately 2.40 GHz.
All simulations will be carried out using WIPL-D Software, a cutting-edge full wave 3D electromagnetic Method-of-Moments based software. It will be shown that calculations are very efficient providing high accuracy in reasonable simulation time.


Section: Miscellaneous

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