Resources 18-Mar-2019
Full-Wave Monostatic RCS of a Bee

This application note presents efficient monostatic Radar Cross Section (RCS) simulation of a highly detailed CAD model of a bee. The simulation has been carried out by WIPL-D Pro CAD software product, offering CAD modeler and in-house developed quad mesher…

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Resources 12-Mar-2019
Series-fed Travelling Wave Patch Array

A detailed convergence study of the series-fed travelling wave patch array is shown. The simulations are performed at 77 GHz in the WIPL-D Software suite – a full 3D EM simulation tool based on the method-of-moments. Simulated travelling wave patch…

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Resources 05-Mar-2019
Indoor Wi-Fi Antenna at 2.4 GHz

Near field results of indoor Wi-Fi antenna after simulating the models at 2.4 GHz are presented. The Wi-Fi antenna itself is positioned inside the room with brick walls. In addition, near field results for the model of the antenna in…

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Resources 28-Feb-2019
Validating IFA Design via Measurement

This application note presents a design of a printed inverted-F antenna (IFA) used in a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader verified through the measurements. The IFA was built and simulated using WIPL-D Pro CAD environment – the highly advanced method-of-moments (MoM)…

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Resources 06-Feb-2019
Illuminating Reflectors by Analytical Feed via Field Generators

This application note presents the procedure for efficient definition of analytical feed in the WIPL-D software suite. The defined feed further serves as an excitation of the electromagnetic (EM) problem. The feature used is Field Generators. The procedure is described…

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Resources 29-Jan-2019
MIMO OTA in Anechoic Chamber

Common systems in the modern engineering to be investigated are multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) systems. Quite often, the performances of such systems are verified solely through measurement since the electromagnetic (EM) simulations are rather complex. One of the investigation methods…

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