Resources 06-Dec-2018
Microwave Tomography in Biomedicine using (A)Symmetry

This application note provides detailed theoretical explanation on how the asymmetry feature is implemented in the WIPL-D suite. The user effectively models half, quarter or one eight part of the structure and sets asymmetry planes. The last step is to…

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Resources 04-Dec-2018
Radome Boresight

This application note demonstrates a study of the simulated radiation of electrically large waveguide antenna array through an electrically large highly transparent large radome in broad-side directions. Several effects lead to this highly advanced simulations: numerous WIPL-D simulation software features and…

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Resources 29-Nov-2018
Stochastic Trees

Radar Cross Section (RCS) of trees is of interest in geosciences, propagation analysis in the vicinity of forests, radar applications etc. Full-wave EM analysis of such complex structure poses a challenge due to the geometrical complexity and the random nature….

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Resources 19-Nov-2018
The Radar Shadow

Here we consider a situation where a surveillance radar is illuminating a zone where two aircrafts are approaching. In such a situation, a radar shadow can be utilized to deceive the radar system as it perceives only one aircraft approaching…

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Resources 14-Nov-2018
Large Multilayer Radomes

Electrically large multilayer radomes represent important part of the realistic antenna structures. Thus, models of multilayer radomes are simulated by using full 3D electromagnetic software – the WIPL-D software which successfully exploits CPU multi-threading capabilities. In this application note we…

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Resources 24-Oct-2018
Laptop with Inverted F Antenna

The example presented in this application note elaborates how WIPL-D Pro CAD is used for EM simulation of antenna placement of inverted F antenna operating at 2.4 GHz mounted on a laptop. The steps required in the preparation of an…

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