Resources 20-Aug-2018
T-72 RCS on Amazon Cloud Server

Abstract: WIPL-D Pro CAD enables import of extremely complex geometries from all commonly used CAD, validation of models, and easy simplification of details obsolete for EM simulation itself. After a proper quad mesh optimized for EM simulations is created, WIPL-D Pro…

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Resources 25-Jul-2018
Anti-Collision Radar on Car Bumper

Abstract: Anti-collision system (or collision avoidance system) is a safety system found in cars which detects danger and reduces possibility or severity of collision. In this application note, we consider anti-collision system which uses radar at 77 GHz mounted on a…

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Resources 15-Apr-2018
Log-Periodic Dipole Antenna

Abstract: This application notes presents a model of Log-Periodic Dipole Antenna (LPDA) in WIPL-D Pro CAD software. LPDA has 52 printed dipoles created from the scratch. The length of the antenna boom is 261.5 mm. The longest arm of the…

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Resources 27-Nov-2016
Differential Filter Design and Optimization

Abstract: This note explains how to analyze and optimize a general differential microwave circuit using WIPL-D design environment. Weather it is the circuit or EM component the differential/common mode analysis can be carried out within WIPL-D Microwave Pro by adequate connection of several transformer…

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Resources 10-May-2016
Divider in Substrate Integrated Waveguide Technology

This application presents capabilities of WIPL-D software suite for full wave electromagnetic simulation of waveguide divider realized in substrate integrated waveguide technology, along with simulation results and requirements. WIPL-D is modern and extremely efficient Method of Moments full wave 3D…

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Resources 27-Mar-2016
Waveguide Slot Array

Abstract: Slotted waveguide arrays consist of a number of slots cut into the walls of a waveguide forming an array with the slots acting as individual radiating elements. The specific design task here is a 10-element transversal slot array cut into the upper…

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