Resources 08-Jan-2019
EMI Shielding of RG-58

This application note demonstrates that WIPL-D can be efficiently used for simulating EMI propagation of field inside the cables and lines. The focus is on the advanced model of RG-58 coax cable with imperfection braid shield, which can be easily replaced with a…

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Resources 26-Dec-2018
High Level Miniaturization for Quadrature Hybrid Directional Coupler

This application note demonstrates how compact quadrilateral (branch-line) hybrid directional couplers can be designed efficiently using the WIPL-D Pro CAD. The designs are simulated by using the traditionally fast WIPL-D full wave 3D EM simulation. The CAD tool enables easy…

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Resources 18-Dec-2018
Electromagnetic Reflectometry with Coaxial Cable Models-Currents in Time Domain

This application note describes how electromagnetic simulations using WIPL-D Pro, 3D EM simulation software, can be used together with WIPL-D Time Domain Solver (TDS) module to perform the time domain reflectometry simulation. TDS performs transient analysis of a 3D electromagnetic…

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Resources 11-Dec-2018
Efficient Usage of CPU and GPU Hardware Resources

In order to show the efficient usage of hardware resources (CPU and GPU) during electromagnetic (EM) simulations in WIPL-D software, the overall simulation process should be explained. WIPL-D electromagnetic simulation contains two main phases: the matrix fill-in which is followed…

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Resources 06-Dec-2018
Microwave Tomography in Biomedicine using (A)Symmetry

This application note provides detailed theoretical explanation on how the asymmetry feature is implemented in the WIPL-D suite. The user effectively models half, quarter or one eight part of the structure and sets asymmetry planes. The last step is to…

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Resources 04-Dec-2018
Radome Boresight

This application note demonstrates a study of the simulated radiation of electrically large waveguide antenna array through an electrically large highly transparent large radome in broad-side directions. Several effects lead to this highly advanced simulations: numerous WIPL-D simulation software features and…

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