DDS: Simulation of the 750 λ-diameter Reflector Antenna

14-Dec-2020 Belgrade, Serbia

This application note expands the work described in previously published application note Domain Decomposition Solver in Simulation of The Electrically Large Reflector Antenna. An electrically very large reflector antenna was simulated using WIPL-D Pro and Domain Decomposition Solver (DDS). The operating frequency was 25.5 GHz while the result of interest was radiation pattern in phi=90 degrees plane at 3601 equidistant directions along theta angle.

All of the results were calculated in relatively short amount of time using an affordable desktop PC empowered with GPU cards. Convergence of the results is very good. The accuracy improves after the 2nd iteration and becomes even better after the 3rd iteration. All iterations have been completed in less than 15 hours, so a very high numerical efficiency can be achieved even for reflector antenna with diameter in a range of 750 wavelengths.

Section: Reflector Antennas

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