Resources 21-Jun-2021
Monostatic, Bistatic, and Multistatic Radar Scenarios

The motivation behind this application note is to help various readers to understand basic concept of monostatic and bistatic radar scenarios. Examples explaining realistic monostatic, bistatic, and multistatic scattering scenarios are provided. The explanations were supported with WIPL-D Pro CAD, a full…

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Resources 27-May-2021
New video – 5 Generations of Higher Order Bases: General Approach for Highly Accurate and Efficient EM Modeling

During EuCAP 2021, professor Branko Kolundzija (CEO of WIPL-D company, IEEE Fellow, Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade) was invited to talk about the research and development of methods for solving electromagnetic field problems (3D EM…

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Resources 20-Apr-2021
Reduction of Unknowns Over Electrically Large Scatterers

Calculation of monostatic scattering from electrically large metallic objects\aircrafts is often a subject of interest of scientific, military, or engineering working groups. Simulations of large, pure metallic scatterers still require significant attention as airplanes of the 4th generation are still…

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Resources 29-Mar-2021
Influence of Helicopter Main Rotor Rotation on Antennas Radiation Pattern

An important aircraft topic described in this application note is the examination of the influence of the main rotor movement to the radiation patterns of three microstrip patch antennas mounted on the upper area of the helicopter surface. The antennas…

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Resources 08-Feb-2021
Convergence Study and Numerical Kernel Settings in Microstrip Patch Antenna Simulations

A demonstration example of convergence study of calculated S-parameters was presented in this application note. The convergence study relates to simulations using WIPL-D Pro CAD, which is a full wave 3D electromagnetic Method-of-Moments based software. The EM model used for demonstrational purposes…

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Resources 14-Dec-2020
DDS: Simulation of the 750 λ-diameter Reflector Antenna

This application note expands the work described in previously published application note Domain Decomposition Solver in Simulation of The Electrically Large Reflector Antenna. An electrically very large reflector antenna was simulated using WIPL-D Pro and Domain Decomposition Solver (DDS). The…

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