Influence of a Fence Located Between Communicating Drones


Two real-life scenarios with three drones communicating at 2.4 GHz were investigated focusing on pure electromagnetic topics related to the physical layer of communication link between the drones. Both scenarios encompass the drones above ground plane which is approximated with an infinite PEC plane and a metallic wire fence which has been introduced between two of the drones. The difference between the scenarios is in the method used to model the wire fence.

From the simulation results It can be clearly seen that presence of the fence influences S-parameters between drones’ antennas ports. In the particular case considered here, the variations of calculated S-parameters are not more than ±5 dB. It should be noted that the influence of the relative position of the fence is small. Furthermore, the way of modeling the fence has negligible effect. In the other words, the preferable fence modelling could be the one which uses Wire entities as it requires smaller number of unknowns and reduced computational resources without significant loss of accuracy.

All the simulations were carried out using WIPL-D Software, a full wave 3D electromagnetic Method-of-Moments based software which applies Surface Integral Equations. According to the simulation times, it can be concluded that all simulations were performed in an efficient manner and that WIPL-D software can be used successfully for the analysis of drone related scenarios.


Section: Miscellaneous
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