Lowering Ship RCS


This application note outlines utilization of WIPL-D Pro Software, a full wave 3D electromagnetic Method-of-Moments (MoM) based software. The software is used to simulate three models of the electrically large ship in monostatic scattering operating mode at the operating frequency of 1 GHz without any reduction applied.

Obtained results could be very useful for studying the influence of the ship shape to RCS. Monostatic RCS calculated for the first two versions of the shape is unacceptably high, while the third version brings significant reduction. The significance of this results is that the RCS of the ship can be reduced with relatively simple modification of the shape of the ship contour without any radar absorbing materials involved and could indicate a good point to start a ship design.

In spite of very large electrical size of the ship models, all the results were calculated in relatively short time. In addition, the workstation used for the calculations was powerful but affordable desktop PC empowered with GPU cards.




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