RFID Applications Part 2


In the application note “RFID Applications” we have shown several RFID designs. Here we extend the work by showing some typical reader/tag design, observations on flexible substrates and miniaturization, as well as realistic RFIF scenario.

Relatively simple, most common, RFID reader designs are solved instantly with very low number of unknowns at regular desktop/laptop PC. Even a more advanced scenario with complex devices, involving coupling between two antennas, is solved in minutes.

Well known RFID tag designs are even less complex for simulations. Advanced scenarios show wrapping elongated meandered tag around human wrist and study of the performance. Another scenario shows accurate simulation and optimization of simple RFID tag with Er=40 to minimize dimensions.

The most complex simulation shows RFID tags mounted to plastic containers, RFID reader spaced 2m apart. the results of interest are coupling between antennas and time domain responses of these narrow-band antennas. the simulation requirements do not depend on distance between antennas since there is no bounding box. The space between antennas is not meshed and does not contribute to solution complexity.


Section: Miscellaneous

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