WIPL-D Pro CAD Modelling Tutorial – Cavity Resonator Filters


The aim of this application note is to focus to modeling cavity filters in WIPL-D Pro CAD in a form of step by step document. The six cavities filters are based on relatively simple cylindrical cavities, each of the having tuning screws. Separate tuning screws are used for tuning the coupling between cavities.

The document first explains basic concepts, modelling via built-in primitives such as cylinder or cuboid. The building blocks are transformed and positioned via rotate/translate/multiple copy. More complex objects are made via sweep. The building blocks are assembled by using various Boolean operations, such as unite, subtract, imprint, unite simplify. The entire model is made fully parametrized so that it can be tuned/optimized. The document also explains the basic principles of WIPL-D pro CAD and offers tips for modifying projects via external applications, such as Notep/MatLab. The final step is adding the WIPL-D Pro CAD built-in ports to make a simulation ready project.


Section: Microwave  Circuits

For full version of the document, please check the following pdf.