MoM Simulation Software in an IoT Scenario with Devices Determining Human Position


The 2.4 GHz IoT scenario presented in this application note encompassed the corridor with the ceiling and the floor modeled with metallic plates and infinite PEC plane respectively, a person inside a corridor modeled through a human phantom and three devices which can be part of an IoT network – the Wi-Fi routers. It was assumed that the Wi-Fi routers operated in such manner that one transmitted signal, while the rest of the routers operate as receivers.

It was shown that received antenna signals can be exploited for purpose of detection of human movement or even for determining exact human position within the corridor. It has been shown that currents on receivers change with a change in person’s location within the corridor. In a real-life scenario the currents calculated using EM simulation can be used as reference values and compared with those measured on the IoT equipment and the position of a human can be easily determined based on a database of precomputed results.

All the simulations were successfully carried out using WIPL-D Software, a full wave 3D electromagnetic Method-of-Moments based software which applies Surface Integral Equations. Despite usual approach where similar structures require application of an asymptotic solver, the realistic scenario as describe can be analyzed using a full-wave MoM based solver as simulation time per a phantom position is only about 37 minutes.


Section: Miscellaneous

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