Real Ground Option Used in Boat-at-Sea Scenario


The application note describes simulation of a real life antenna placement operating environment. All projects consider a monopole mounted on a boat emersed in a sea water. In the first project, the influence of sea water to radiation pattern was modeled by applying Real Ground option and using dielectric properties of the sea water. In the second project, the sea water is modeled as infinite PEC plane. Finally, in the third project option Unused Enitites are applied with PEC approximation. The obtained results are in line with the expectations.

It has been found that the conductive sea water does not influence the return loss of the antenna and Unused Entities option does not produces significant differences in current distribution over the antenna elements. The PEC approximation of the conductive see water affects the radiation pattern results for the directions around θ angles of 0° and 180°.

All the simulations are performed using standard, cost effective workstation.


Section: Antenna Placement

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