Stochastic Trees


Radar Cross Section (RCS) of trees is of interest in geosciences, propagation analysis in the vicinity of forests, radar applications etc. Full-wave EM analysis of such complex structure poses a challenge due to the geometrical complexity and the random nature.

Decades ago, WIPL-D Pro was able to simulate wire models of stochastic trees. Wires of different radii with distributed loadings were used as modelling elements. This application note presents an advanced meshing algorithm for stochastic tree models and GPU accelerated solver. The tree models are completely automated closed surface, defined as dielectric with Er=10. Such simulation overcomes the fundamental limitation in frequency range for the wire models.

The monostatic Radar Cross Section for tree at 0.2, 0.5 and 1.5 GHz has been simulated on inexpensive GPU workstation, with very low simulation time even for RF frequencies.

Section: RCS/Scattering

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