Resources 06-Mar-2014
Antenna Placement on Electrically Large Platforms

WIPL-D Pro is a frequency-domain MoM based code which enables very accurate EM simulation of arbitrary 3D structures. MoM demands far less memory and time resources for open region problems on PC computers or inexpensive workstations. The WIPL-D suite offers…

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Resources 03-Mar-2014
On-Chip Capacitances

This report describes use of WIPL-D Software suite for analysis of self capacitance and the capacitances between the pads and associated connecting wires both being the parts of a relatively small chip (2-3 mm). The frequency range of interest is…

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Resources 28-Feb-2014
WIPL-D 2-D Solver

WIPL-D 2-D Electromagnetic Solver is indented for numerical electromagnetic analysis of cylindrical structures, theoretically infinitely long. The program works with 2-D cross-sections (cuts) of the analyzed structure. Numerical engine is based on the surface integral equation formulation: electric field integral…

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Resources 02-Dec-2013
Full-Wave EM Simulation in Automotive at 24 and 40 GHz

The use of WIPL-D, a 3D electromagnetic (EM) full-wave method-of-moments (MoM) based software suite for full-wave electromagnetic simulation of automotive applications at 24 and 40 GHz is described. This is one of typical illustration of a full-wave EM simulator applications…

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Resources 21-Nov-2013
Planar Inverted-F Antennas in Free Space and Cell Phone

Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA) represents the antenna which is widely used in cell phones and tablet computers. When implemented in microstrip technology, planar inverted-F antenna takes a more compact form then its counterpart – the microstrip patch antenna. This makes…

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Resources 18-Oct-2013
GPU Accelerated MoM Matrix Inversion

The GPU Solver enables WIPL-D Pro to significantly decrease the simulation time, particularly for the dominant component – MoM Matrix inversion. This applies especially in the case of very complex and electrically large structures with dramatically large number of unknowns….

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