Resources 18-Oct-2013
GPU Accelerated MoM Matrix Inversion

The GPU Solver enables WIPL-D Pro to significantly decrease the simulation time, particularly for the dominant component – MoM Matrix inversion. This applies especially in the case of very complex and electrically large structures with dramatically large number of unknowns….

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Resources 11-Sep-2013
Monostatic RCS of Fighter Aircraft

Especially important when simulating Radar Cross Section (RCS) of an airplane or a similar target, WIPL-D suite offers a great set of tools for full wave EM simulation of real life geometries at high frequencies. WIPL-D Pro CAD enables import of extremely…

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Resources 04-Sep-2013
Wire Thickness Effect in Wound Coils

This application note presents the effect of wire thickness to accuracy of electromagnetic simulation of wound coils. Two classes of examples will be discussed. The first class of examples relates to straight wound coils while the other class refers to…

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Resources 30-Jul-2013
Cavity Filter Design and Optimization

This application note describes efficient combination and interoperability of components of WIPL-D software environment (WIPL-D Pro CAD, WIPL-D Microwave Pro, WIPL-D Pro, WIPL-D Optimizer) for design, modeling, simulation and optimization of cavity filters. Rather complex model of a 2.1 GHz…

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Resources 11-May-2013
Vivaldi Antenna

Vivaldi antenna is a commonly used antenna in broadband applications. As in this case, it is usually printed at the dielectric substrate. The simulation results show extremely wide band (return loss under -10 dB). The simulation is performed in low…

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Resources 22-Apr-2013
Verifying Accuracy for Inductive Loops with Lumped Elements

This application note aims at explaining analysis of simple wire loops (inductive in their nature) in WIPL-D software package. Special attention is devoted to the case when lumped elements are also included in the circuits. Simple wire square loop is…

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