Resources 24-Apr-2015
SPDT Shunt PIN Diode Switch

Design of various microwave circuits using semiconductor devices can be carried out utilizing WIPL-D Microwave. Many types of diodes, such as PIN and Schottky diodes, or transistors operating in a linear regime, can be simulated by inserting into a schematic a suitable equivalent circuit…

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Resources 14-Apr-2015
Six-Port as Wireless Communication Receiver

The analysis and simulation of a six-port receiver for 24 GHz QPSK signal usign WIPL-D Microwave design environment has been demonstrated. The set of simulation tools available within the program allows not only for the accurate and reliable design of the individual components comprising…

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Resources 04-Apr-2015
3-Port Wilkinson at High Microwave Frequencies

The accurate modeling of the effects occurring at high microwave frequencies is the key to successful design of a Wilkinson power combiner/divider. WIPL-D Microwave provides a complete environment required for a design of these circuits including circuit and electromagnetic co-simulation. Example of a design…

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Resources 24-Mar-2015
Linear Transistor Modeling Using Equivalent Circuits

The accurate transistor characterization is a starting point to carry out an amplifier design. Lumped circuit equivalent transistor models are compact and versatile means of providing reliable S parameter data. WIPL-D Microwave provides a complete environment to implement these models. The modeling of a…

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News & Events 14-Mar-2015
Microwave Circuits Design in WIPL-D Microwave

Abstract: Simulation of complex microwave circuits presents a challenge for modern computational software. Using circuit level analysis is recommended option for the starting calculations in order to get results quickly. In circuit solvers, all circuit elements are modeled by predefined library components whose calculations…

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Resources 04-Mar-2015
7-Port Divider

In this application, we simulate 7-port divider from 1.4 GHz to 1.6 GHz. This device is realized in microstrip technology, fed by probe with SMA connector at Tx port and the remaining 6 ports (Rx) are microstrip ports. The model was made by…

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