WIPL-D Pro v16 is now released!

02-Jul-2019 Belgrade, Serbia

The new version of our main product WIPL-D Pro v16 has just been released offering a lot of new features and improvements such as:

  • Periodic Boundary Condition (PBC):
    • 2D periodic structure
    • Plane wave illumination
    • 3D cell in a form of arbitrary composite material structure
    • Complex connections at boundaries of neighboring cells
    • FSS, Meta & Nano materials, Diffraction grating, Absorber & Reflect arrays
  • ULTRA higher order bases
    • Maximum expansion order increased from 8 to 32
    • Maximum patch size enlarged from 2 λ to 10 λ
    • Increased efficiency and accuracy for complex and large structures
    • Advanced convergence tests based on p-refinement
  • New Edging technique – “Refined” edging
    • Efficiency of “Classic”, but robustness of “Advanced” edging
  • GPU Cluster Solver
    • Support for arbitrary number of GPUs per node with improved efficiency
  • Other options/improvements:
    • Determining required number of unknowns
    • Avoided with Interpolation available now in Remote Run mode
    • Custom defined excitation waves and radiation directions for RCS

To explore the new options of the recent release contact our Sales team for evaluation copy.