WIPL-D Pro CAD 2020 & WIPL-D Pro v17
are released!

18-Sep-2020 Belgrade, Serbia

We are pleased to announce the official launch of new versions of our flagship products: WIPL-D Pro CAD 2020 and WIPL‑D Pro 17. Recent releases bring enhanced user experience and numerous new features and upgrades.

WIPL-D Pro CAD 2020: What is New?
  • Accelerations of the CAD modeler:
    • Project tree reconstruction
    • Rendering
    • Select operations
    • Validation
  • Improvements in the meshing algorithm:
    • Reduction in the number of mesh elements from 10% to
      50%, significantly decreasing the number of unknowns
    • Improvement in pre-meshing of complex faces
    • Overall acceleration of the meshing process
  • Introducing a Material library with over 80 predefined materials, and three new ways to define frequency dependent material properties:
    • Frequency table
    • Cole-Cole approximation
    • Djordjevic-Sarkar approximation
  • New selection mode options:
    • Select all faces connected with the selected one
    • Select bodies by size
  • Local settings:
    • Distributed loading on body level
    • Reference frequency on the level of body, face and edge of wire bodies
  • Preview of the model on Open
  • Remote Run
  • Other options/improvements:
    • AutoSave
    • Automatic selection of a laminar (open) loop in the Fill Hole operation
    • Symbols table is non-modal and dockable
    • Setting radiation pattern and near‑field by setting step per angle and length


WIPL-D Pro 17: What is New?
  • Full exploitation of Matrix Symmetry:
    • Reduced matrix fill time
    • Reduced matrix solution time
  • Improved GPU out-of-core solution:
    • Matrix fill in parallel on multiple hard disks
    • Accelerated GPU matrix fill: up to 40%
  • New functionalities in massive RCS calculation (“Run As
    Avoided with Interpolation”)
    • Support for 3D angular interpolation
    • Refined interpolation by Spline function
    • New interpolation function: Rational function
    • Error estimation
  • Refined accuracy of Periodic Boundary Condition
  • Sweep parallel run
    • Concurrent simulation of multiple sub projects
  • Fast calculation of excitation matrix for Field Generators’ arrays
  • STL editor
    • Import of STL files
    • Variety of edit options
    • Decimation
    • Quadrilateral meshing
    • Export to STL files
  • Accelerated Topological Analysis
    • Easier handling of (very) complex structures
    • Hide Selected Plates
    • Select Layer
    • Extended limits for “Manipulations”
    • Fast Open/Save/Save As


View full release notes – WIPL-D Pro CAD 2020 & WIPL-D Pro 17.