WIPL-D Pro CAD 2019 is now released!

02-Jul-2019 Belgrade, Serbia

The new version of our solid modeler WIPL-D Pro CAD 2019 brings a lot of new features and improvements to make user-friendly modeling environment even more friendly! The recent additions include:

  • Advanced import of DXF(DWG) files:
    • Automated multi layer model build starting from imported DXF files
    • Multi layer stack definition using a technology file
    • Imaging technique for multi-layer DXF (for highly accurate EM modeling of strongly coupled layers)
  • Enhanced model validation:
    • Detection of wire to body intersections and automatic segmentation of wires
    • Detection of inconsistent wire domains and automatic assignment
  • Redesigned user interface – ribbons instead toolbars and menus
  • Import of fully parameterized WIPL D Pro CAD models
  • New platform – HOOPS 24.00, Parasolid v31.1, and 3D InterOp 2019
    • Improved reliability of Boolean operations
    • More robust manipulations for complex geometries
  • Export of selected model parts to various CAD formats
  • Other options/improvements:
    • Support for custom defined excitation waves
    • Determining required number of unknowns
    • Improved distance measuring tool

And much more…

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