WIPL-D Pro CAD 2018 is now released!

05-Jun-2018 Belgrade, Serbia

The new version of our solid modeler WIPL-D Pro CAD 2018 brings a lot of useful features and improvements like:

  • Advanced auto-repair options for imported CAD models – automatic detection and removal of redundant model parts:
    • Coinciding faces
    • Small edges and faces
    • Open loops
    • Isolated vertices
  • New built-in geometric primitives:
    • Analytical surface
    • Segmented loop/arc
    • BoR – Body of Revolution
    • BoCC – Body of Constant Cut
  • Improved meshing of multi-curved and other complex faces.
  • Smart port analysis available for parametric sweep and optimization.
  • Support for Sweep, Optimization and Time Domain simulations in Batch runs.
  • Other options/improvements:
    • Unite all in Multiple Copy manipulation,
    • Delete vertex and edge,
    • Custom defined cutting planes,
    • Circular and slant-polarized mode excitation extended for waveguide ports intersected by (A)Symmetry planes,
    • Control points insertion via text box for polyline primitives,
    • Sewing of faces improved.


And much more…

Check out the details of the new WIPL-D ProCAD 2018 on its page in the Products section, or simply contact our Sales team for any information related to the product.