WIPL-D Microwave Pro 6.0 is now released!

21-Feb-2022 Belgrade, Serbia

We are pleased to announce the official launch of new version of our circuit solver – WIPL-D Microwave 6.0. Recent release brings enhanced Filter Designer and numerous new features and upgrades.

WIPL-D Microwave Pro 6.0: What is New? – full release note

  • Numerous Upgrades in Filter Designer
    • A number of bandpass and bandstop filters were added,
    • The filters are available in ideal line and microstrip technologies,
    • Parallel Coupled Resonators, Coupled SIRs and Hairpin Line are new bandpass filters,
    • Electrically Coupled Resonators, Open Stubs and Coupled Lines are new bandstop filters,
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Multiconductor lines – multiconductor lines are now available in microstrip and stripline technology.
    • 2D quasi static EM analysis method used for calculation,
    • One to eight conductors,
    • User controlled accuracy of the calculation,
    • Visualization of the multiconductor structure and segmentation,
    • Low frequency loss calculation – below the skin effect region.
  • Impedance Calculator was improved by adding synthesis of Coupled Microstrip Lines from characteristic impedances of the even and odd mode.
  • Expanded list of active 2 port network parameters with:
    • Conjugate input and output match calculation,
    • Maximum stable gain and maximum transducer gain calculation.