Vivaldi Antenna


Vivaldi antenna is a commonly used antenna in broadband applications. As in this case, it is usually printed at the dielectric substrate. The simulation results show extremely wide band (return loss under -10 dB).

The simulation is performed in low number of frequency points due to the powerful built-in interpolation method (typically drawback of using MoM in simulation of UWB antennas since each frequency point is simulated separately).

In MoM, the simulation is quite fast at the lowest operating frequency, but more demanding at the end of the frequency band. WIPL-D offers built-in features where each frequency point is simulated according to the current simulation frequency. In that sense, the overall simulation time in a wide frequency band is decreased several times. Here, the simulation is performed by using a regular desktop quad core CPU and lasts couple of seconds per frequency point.

Section: Antenna Design

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