Round Rod Interdigital Filter Optimization Using WIPL-D


This application note presents the results of round rode interdigital filters optimization using WIPL-D Pro, a full wave 3D electromagnetic simulation software empowered with Optimizer, a WIPL-D add-on tool.

Two filter responses have been considered, one with 180 MHz bandwidth and the other with 240 MHz bandwidth, both centered around 3.75 GHz. The lengths of the resonators, the gaps between the resonators and the height of the metallic box have been optimized using WIPL-D Optimizer. The optimization iteration takes only under 30 sec on any modern quad core laptop or desktop computer.

The illustrative examples of 5th order round rod interdigital filter optimization has been presented. The examples demostrate that WIPL-D Pro can be succesfuly used to aid the real life design of a important filter structure. The basic strengths of the full 3D EM simulation program are high accuracy and extremely fast simulation which allows for quick optimization against various filter specifications.


Section: Microwave Circuits
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