Printed Monopole Antenna for 5G Network Frequency Bands


The analysis of an antenna which can operate in 5G network frequency bands using WIPL-D Software has presented in this application note. In particular, S-parameters and radiation pattern of a printed monopole antenna fed with coplanar waveguide have been calculated are compared.

All the simulations and the modelling were carried out using WIPL-D full wave 3D electromagnetic Method-of-Moments based software which applies Surface Integral Equations. The simulations are very fast and accurate and in a good agreement with the results presented in referenced paper.

The application note represents a good demonstration how a planar structure can be built with minimum effort in WIPL-D Pro CAD environment. In addition, the realistic antenna connection has been modeled using three different feeders.

All of the simulations were carried out with high numerical efficiency resulting in short simulation times even when a laptop is used for the simulations.


Section: Antenna Design

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