EMI Shielding of RG-58


This application note demonstrates that WIPL-D can be efficiently used for simulating EMI propagation of field inside the cables and lines. The focus is on the advanced model of RG-58 coax cable with imperfection braid shield, which can be easily replaced with a very simple equivalent model. After such a transformation, run times are measured in seconds and even the most complicated simulations are analyzed easily and, most important, accurately.

We have used such an equivalent model to run a demanding scenario with the total of 2 m coax length. We have demonstrated that with even the smallest suppression of field, the field inside is two orders of magnitude smaller than the field when we leave a coax end open. Next, we show that the field induced in microstrip line is additional order of magnitude larger.

All runs can be carried out at standard desktop PC. Significant speed up is achieved if multicore CPU workstations are used. As an additional befit, run times can be shortened by using single inexpensive GPU card.

Section: EMC

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