Domain Decomposition Solver in Simulation of the Electrically Large Reflector Antenna


An electrically large Cassegrain reflector antenna was modeled using WIPL-D Pro and simulated using WIPL-D Pro and Domain Decomposition Solver (DDS) and calculated radiation patterns were compared. The simulations were carried out using WIPL-D Pro, a full wave 3D electromagnetic Method-of-Moments based software which applies Surface Integral Equations on one side and iterative Domain Decomposition Solver on the other side.

In regard to a large electrical size of the structure, one can say that the results were calculated in relatively short amount of time. In addition, the workstation on which the calculations were performed is by no means a cutting edge or highly sophisticated machine but an affordable desktop PC empowered with GPU cards.

Convergence of the results is very good leading to high simulation efficiency. With respect to the results of the first DDS iteration, the accuracy improved after the 2nd iteration and even more after the 3rd iteration. On the other hand, the result of the 3rd iteration is in excellent agreement with the full 3D EM MoM result. Considering that all iterations are completed in less than 100 minutes, a conclusion can be drawn that with WIPL‑D DDS very high numerical efficiency can be achieved even for electrically large and demanding structure such as reflector antenna with 420 wavelengths diameter.


Section: Reflector Antennas

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