Wireless Power Transfer-The Example of Inductive Power Transfer in Cell Phone Charging


Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) basically involves a transmission of electrical energy from a power source to a load without usage of electrical conductors. In this application note we consider an example of a near field WPT, also known as Inductive Wireless Power Transfer, or IPT.

Various coil models and the results for an entire power charging scenario based on Inductive Power Transfer involving the coils are explained. A real-life scenario demonstrating how a smart phone can be inductively charged using a dedicated charging pad is presented. Realistic distances between the phone and the charging pad are considered ranging from several millimeters to a meter.

Only the radio frequency (RF) aspects of this scenario are investigated as it is sufficient to draw some important conclusions. The S-parameters calculated using an EM simulator are presented. WIPL-D software, a full wave 3D EM Method-of-Moments (MoM) based solver, has been used throughout this note for versatile geometry modeling and simulations. The simulations are very efficient even when using standard, inexpensive hardware.



Section: Low Frequency

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