WIPL-D Pro v15 is now released!

05-Jun-2018 Belgrade, Serbia

The new version of our main product WIPL-D Pro v15 has just been released offering a lot of new features and improvements such as:

  • NEW generation of GPU Solver
    • improved efficiency of multiple GPU setup
    • support for arbitrary number of GPUs
    • ultra-fast in-core solution for multiple excitation
  • RCS calculation using real life antenna excitation
    Traditionally, the RCS of an object is calculated by using the plane wave excitation. The scattered field can also be calculated when the excitation is in the form of the real-life antenna pattern or analytically defined radiation pattern. The incoming wave for those cases is not the plane wave, but the spherical. This allows: emulation of RCS measurements.
  • Advanced GUI options
    • exporting videos from the field and the currents animation
    • representation of currents for selected domains
    • phase center calculation…
  • DDS (Domain Decomposition Solver)
    • memory resources reduced for an order of magnitude
    • efficient handling of multiple excitations
    • fast convergence for structures with cavities
  • FAST in-core solution for multiple excitation in CPU solution
    • block forward/backward substitution
    • applicable to monostatic RCS and antenna arrays
  • GPU Cluster Solver
    • advanced resource management
    • assistant node concept …

If you would like to know more about WIPL-D Pro v15 feel free to explore the new options or simply contact our Sales team for more information.