WIPL-D Pro CAD 2017 is now released!

03-Mar-2017 Belgrade, Serbia

The new version of our solid modeler WIPL-D ProCAD 2017 brings a lot of useful features and improvements like:

• Waveguide Load (rectangular, circular and coaxial) and Microstrip Load
• Circularly polarized modes for waveguide port excitation
• Automatic selection of outer shell
• Advanced Import options, including automatic Repair, Simplify and Sew
• Direct mesh parallelization and improved meshing of complex faces
• Reach set of new snap to topology modes
• Improvements in manipulations involving the Working Coordinate System

And much more…

Check out the details of the new WIPL-D ProCAD 2017 on its page in the Products section, or simply contact our Sales team for any information related to the product.