WIPL-D Microwave Pro 5.0 is now released!

19-May-2017 Belgrade, Serbia

The new version of our circuit solver WIPL-D Microwave Pro v5.0 has just been released offering a lot of new features and improvements such as:

  • Active linear circuit analysis including:
    • Noise analysis
    • Stability analysis
    • Gain analysis
  • Explicit ground connection for 2-port imported data files
  • Improved de-embedding of imported 3D EM components
  • Stripline library
  • Coupled microstrip and striplines are introduced in Impedance calculator
  • Waveguide analytical components with dielectric material other than air
  • One generator at a time mode
  • Other options and improvements
    • Silent run
    • Import EM components with results
    • Microstrip frequency dispersion calculation improved
    • Analytical component of coupled microstrip line


Feel free to explore the new options and contact our Sales team if you need more information about the product.