T-72 RCS on Amazon Cloud Server


WIPL-D Pro CAD enables import of extremely complex geometries from all commonly used CAD, validation of models, and easy simplification of details obsolete for EM simulation itself. After a proper quad mesh optimized for EM simulations is created, WIPL-D Pro allows EM simulation in most efficient manner available among commercial tools. The focus of this application note is usability of the code on Amazon cloud server instead of local desktop or server. The server is GPU based with 8 Tesla V100 GPU cards. The software package is successfully installed on the machine, and no problems with its working is noticed during the work. Bistatic and monostatic RCS of the tank T-72, at 3.6 GHz, are results of interest in this application note. Length of the tank is 7.4 m, 89 wavelengths electrically long. The problem is solved without applying symmetry. The model originates from a detailed CAD file and all details were kept during the mesh and simulation. The incident RCS wave arrives backside in the horizontal plane. Vertical polarization is observed. The effects of reduction techniques are discussed for the monostatic RCS. All simulation times are measured in hours.

SectionRCS / Scattering

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