Radiation Patterns and VSWRs of Handheld Devices in Several Real-Life Scenarios


Four scenarios encompassing handheld communication device in various real-life environments are discussed. In all the scenarios, results of interest are VSWR and radiation pattern presented using absolute gain.

For the model of the device resting in operator’s hands, the minimum of the VSWR is shifted downwards in frequency. Thus, it can be claimed that presence of operator working with the device results in a different current distribution comparing to the scenarios without the human involved.

The presence of the real ground influences the radiation pattern comparing to the handheld device in free space, while placing the device into human phantom’s hand influences the radiation pattern even more, but adding the clump in the last instance does not have significant influence to the radiation pattern.

It can be also concluded that although VSWR minimum is shifted when modeling the influence of an operator, realized gain in all three scenarios, which include a ground plane, does not vary significantly. This can be explained with low values of VSWR, below 2.0.

All the simulations were performed in reasonable amount of time using an affordable computer workstation.


Section: Miscellaneous

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