In Memoriam: Professor Tapan Sarkar

18-Mar-2021 Syracuse, NY, USA

Professor Tapan Kumar Sarkar (August 2, 1948 – March 12, 2021), the distinguished member of IEEE community passed away on Friday, March 12, 2021 in Syracuse, NY, USA.

Prof. Sarkar obtained Master and PhD degrees from Syracuse University, where he advanced to the title of an Emeritus Professor. Apart from a successful academic career, his research activities were fruitful as well. He will be best known for his work on generalized pencil-of-function method. In 2020 he was awarded with IEEE Electromagnetic Award “for contributions to the efficient and accurate solution of computational electromagnetic problems in frequency and time domain, and for research in adaptive antennas”.

Professor Tapan Sarkar’s full biography is available here.

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The collaboration between professor Sarkar and professors Antonije Djordjevic i Branko Kolundzija led to successful first publications related to WIPL-D software:

His contribution to the early development of our software is cherished and will never be forgotten.

Our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Prof. Sarkar,

The official obituary can be found here.