Frequency Dependent Parameters in EM Simulation – Changing Dielectric Constant and Loss Tangent with Operating Frequency


The document demonstrates how to introduce frequency dependent dielectric parameters in WIPL-D Pro, a full-wave 3D EM simulator. Most materials used in fabrication of microwave circuits and antennas have frequency dependent properties which should be taken into account in EM simulations if accurate prediction of the device performance is important. This becomes extremely important when simulations are expected to produce high fidelity results which should serve as a benchmark in validating simulations against the measurements.

Modelling and simulation of a simple patch antenna from 1 GHz to 7 GHz is described. Simulation in such a wide frequency band are completed in around one minute even when using a standard, ‘everyday’ workstation, confirming once again high efficiency of WIPL D software.

In this particular case relative dielectric constant and loss tangent change with frequency, but in principle frequency dependency can be attributed to any symbolically defined parameter such as length, radius, etc. Dependency on frequency for several parameters can be handled using tabulated data stored in a project file.


Section: Antenna Design

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