Fast and Accurate WIPL-D Simulation of Wireless Power Transfer


This note explains how an inductive wireless power transfer (WPT) link can be simulated using WIPL-D Pro CAD, a full electromagnetic (EM) simulator and solid modeler design environment. The example used to demonstrate the features of the modeling environment has been taken from the literature. Two helical resonators have been coupled to input and output inductive loops respectively. As the numerical method implemented requires only the meshing of the boundary surfaces of the model parts, the simulations of the four inductors structure are very fast. The convergence of the results has been easily established by calculating the resonant frequency of a helical inductor identical to the one used in the particular WPT. Once the optimal meshing parameters are determined, speed and high accuracy of the analysis are both ensured. The accuracy of the solid (plate) inductor models has been confirmed high, while the much faster, thin wire approximation, is not adequate for this particular case.

Variation of the port impedances can be carried out to establish the optimum generator and source impedances providing efficient wireless power transfer. The results calculated using WIPL-D program suite are in excellent agreement with the data available from the literature.

All of the calculations have been carried out using standard desktop PC. The simulation time per one frequency point of the WPT link simulation is approximately 5 minutes.



Section: Low Frequency

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