Emulating Electrical Properties of Magnetic Ferrite Tiles


This application note demonstrates emulation of magnetic ferrite tile electrical properties in WIPL-D Pro, a full 3D EM method of moments based solver (with usage of the WIPL-D Optimizer). Usually, the electrical properties themselves are unknown, while the performance of magnetic materials is provided in standard datasheets. Such magnetic materials can be used as absorbers in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems and thus, the problem is of significant importance to electrical engineers.

In measurements, the electrical properties of materials are usually determined via the coaxial tube method. A hollow tube is made of the material with the unknown properties (e.g. magnetic ferrite tiles) and then inserted into a coaxial line. By using a relatively simple expressions for electromagnetic (EM) properties of material, we can optimize their performance until they reach the specification given in datasheets. A coaxial tube method (employed in EM solver) is used as emulation tool, with simulation and optimization performed in WIPL-D software suite. The magnetic material in question was selected as TDK IB-017.

We demonstrate that efficient use of the EM software allows simulation of magnetic ferrite tile materials. Although the electrical properties are given as performance characteristic (from the datasheet), the EM properties of the material are obtained by the optimization. The simple linear characteristic model yields excellent results, while improved parabolic model yields almost the perfect agreement with the datasheet data. All simulations are extremely short and do not require any particular hardware.


Section: EMC

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