Cavity Filter Design and Optimization


This application note describes efficient combination and interoperability of components of WIPL-D software environment (WIPL-D Pro CAD, WIPL-D Microwave Pro, WIPL-D Pro, WIPL-D Optimizer) for design, modeling, simulation and optimization of cavity filters. Rather complex model of a 2.1 GHz pass-band filter with 5 cavity resonators is imported, meshed, simulated (WIPL-D Pro CAD, WIPL-D Pro) and then quickly optimized invoking WIPL-D Optimizer from WIPL-D Microwave Pro, a linear circuit simulator.

The approach demonstrated in this application note assumes that the electromagnetic (EM) filter simulation is performed only once and the subsequent optimization is performed on a combined 3D/circuit model. The tuning schematic elements are in fact capacitors. The capacitance of the capacitors is tuned to emulate the inward and outward movement of the tuning screws. Such an optimization process is extremely fast and the tuning of the filter to the specified mask is very efficient.

WIPL-D suite has a variety of choices for modeling of cavity filters which can be customized according to the specific design. In that sense, WIPL-D Pro is used with simplified geometries, while WIPL-D Pro CAD is used for detailed models imported from popular CAD tools.


Section: Microwave  Circuits

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