Resources 04-Apr-2014
Microstrip Band Pass Filters

This application note presents S-parameters obtained with effective usage of WIPL-D Fitter, number of unknowns, computer memory required and simulation time per frequency obtained after simulation of two passive, microstrip, band pass filters. The first simulated filter is interdigital, while the second one is…

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Resources 27-Mar-2014
Trees, Foliage and Complex Sceneries

Scattering of EM waves from trees and foliage as well as the propagation of EM waves in the presence of forests plays an important role in many civil and military applications (such as Foliage Penetrating Radar for detecting potential targets in the…

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Resources 20-Mar-2014
Frequency Selective Surface

There is a growing demand for new materials to enhance device performances at low cost. For several years, many periodicals there have been published (built from large number of uniform cells) which show that such engineering issues can be resolved. Numerous cases demonstrate…

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Resources 13-Mar-2014
RF Propagation in Mining Tunnels

Due to inherent higher order basis functions, efficient parallelization on multi core CPUs and support for simulations on GPU platforms, WIPL-D software can be effectively used for radio frequency propagation problems. One such problem would be determining power transfer between transmitter and receiver antennas…

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Resources 06-Mar-2014
Antenna Placement on Electrically Large Platforms

WIPL-D Pro is a frequency-domain MoM based code which enables very accurate EM simulation of arbitrary 3D structures. MoM demands far less memory and time resources for open region problems on PC computers or inexpensive workstations. The WIPL-D suite offers…

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Resources 03-Mar-2014
On-Chip Capacitances

This report describes use of WIPL-D Software suite for analysis of self capacitance and the capacitances between the pads and associated connecting wires both being the parts of a relatively small chip (2-3 mm). The frequency range of interest is…

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