Resources 02-Aug-2014
Hyperboloid Lens Antenna Design Guide

This paper presents the procedure for the design of hyperboloid lens antenna. It contains theoretical consideration and foundation, as well as procedure for design in the WIPL-D software suite. Hyperboloid Lens antenna consists of two parts: feeding cylindrical waveguide and the dielectric lens….

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Resources 29-Jul-2014
Crossed Exponentially Tapered Slots Antenna (XETS)

The application note shows the complete simulation process for an antenna designed externally from the WIPL-D suite and provided as CAD geometry (STEP) file. It includes import, healing, adjusting materials, mesh and simulation. Importing the file (in a single click)…

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Resources 22-Jul-2014
Luneburg Lens Illuminated by Corrugated Horn

The lenses are antennas designed to collimate incident energy and to prevent it from spreading in undesired directions (the beam focusing). In this application note, we show Luneburg lens illuminated by corrugated horn antenna. The lens is represented as spherically…

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Resources 03-Jul-2014
Antenna Placement Reduction Applied to Frigate Warship

The application note presents Smart reduction, a WIPL-D Pro feature, investigated on the model of a frigate warship. The Smart reduction is very suitable for antenna placement problems. Based on adaptive reduction of current expansion order over parts of the…

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Resources 22-Jun-2014
Parabolic Dish near Wire Crane

This application note examines the influence of the crane to the radiation pattern of the antenna with parabolic dish. Using Wire entities as building elements enables the code to very efficiently model wire-like structures (such is the crane presented in…

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Resources 11-Jun-2014
Automotive Applications

EM simulations have a significant role in automotive industry. WIPL-D software continuously improves its variety of tools supporting this growing industry. The range of EM simulations has been extended with CAD tools (allowing easy import of CAD files, as well as modeling and positioning…

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