Resources 04-Mar-2015
7-Port Divider

In this application, we simulate 7-port divider from 1.4 GHz to 1.6 GHz. This device is realized in microstrip technology, fed by probe with SMA connector at Tx port and the remaining 6 ports (Rx) are microstrip ports. The model was made by…

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Resources 24-Feb-2015
Dielectric Resonator Filter [Verified by Measurements]

The application note deals with complex dielectric resonator filters with numerous tuning elements. Careful comparison to measured results is carried out in each step. The story unfolds from a simple single cavity with the loop made of coax cable. The…

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Resources 29-Dec-2014
Buried Objects Detection via Magnetic Loop

This application note describes use of WIPL-D software suite for simulation of the coupling between an object buried in the ground and a magnetic loop above the ground. The note illustrates that variation of the coupling with the movement of…

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Resources 03-Oct-2014
UHF Panel Antenna

Ultra-High Frequency Panel antennas (UHFP antennas) consist of radiating surfaces and reflector. They have been used in TV systems. In the application note, it is covered with radome. Coaxial cable is used for feeding. In order to speed up simulations…

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Resources 30-Sep-2014
Yagi-Uda Antenna

The Yagi-Uda (in further text Yagi) antenna is basically a dipole antenna, whose radiation is focused by a series of parallel dipoles and a reflector behind. It is mostly used in radio links for computer (Wi Fi) networks, as well…

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Resources 19-Sep-2014
Spiral Antennas

In this application note, we analyze two spiral antennas. The first one is with the air substrate, while the other one has the dielectric substrate between spiral arms and metallic reflector. In WIPL-D Pro, a spiral can be easily created…

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