Resources 28-Feb-2014
WIPL-D 2-D Solver

Abstract: WIPL-D 2-D Electromagnetic Solver is indented for numerical electromagnetic analysis of cylindrical structures, theoretically infinitely long. The program works with 2-D cross-sections (cuts) of the analyzed structure. Numerical engine is based on the surface integral equation formulation: electric field integral…

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Resources 18-Oct-2013
GPU Accelerated MoM Matrix Inversion

Abstract: The GPU Solver enables WIPL-D Pro to significantly decrease the simulation time, particularly for the dominant component – MoM Matrix inversion. This applies especially in the case of very complex and electrically large structures with dramatically large number of unknowns….

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Resources 11-Sep-2013
Monostatic RCS of Fighter Aircraft

Abstract: Especially important when simulating Radar Cross Section (RCS) of an airplane or a similar target, WIPL-D suite offers a great set of tools for full wave EM simulation of real life geometries at high frequencies. WIPL-D Pro CAD enables import of extremely…

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Resources 11-May-2013
Vivaldi Antenna

Abstract:  Vivaldi antenna is a commonly used antenna in broadband applications. As in this case, it is usually printed at the dielectric substrate. The simulation results show extremely wide band (return loss under -10 dB). The simulation is performed in…

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Resources 10-Mar-2013
Benchmark Examples (Verifying Accuracy)

Abstract: This paper presents several benchmarks which were requested by Technical Committee on Electronics Simulation Technology (EST) of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IECE) in Japan. WIPL-D simulation results are compared with known solution so that we establish…

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